Database is empty

I finally resolved the issue regarding the internal error, it was just because nextcloud couldn’t access the database.

I’m still getting the error 500 pages, but now for a different reason. I kept getting errors regarding not being able to access a certain table. I went to check the database and, to my surprise, there were no tables.

How should I fix my installation? Do I need to set installed to false in config.php? Also, how do I prevent the database from being deleted?

Extra notes:

  • Installed Nextcloud and PostgreSQL using Docker
  • I remove the containers each time I start everything
  • I’m not familiar with SQL or docker and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m deleting the database every time I remove the PostgreSQL container

Assuming that I’m deleting the database, is there a way for me to set the location of the database on an external drive outside PostgreSQL’s container? I want to do this anyway as I’m doing this on a Raspberry Pi and the SD card is only 16 Gigabytes.