Data usage from Hosting Company and Nexcloud differs causing size limitation reached

Good day, I have an account with Afrihost in (South Africa), as a package I use Nexcloud on their system. I received a message from my hosting company that my size limitation was reached - when I investigated the files on cPanel it showed that Nextcloud is utilizing 6.6GB of data, however, when I checked the files on the Nextcloud drive it only calculated to 1.8 GB. Where does this fault lie, as I am missing 4.8GB??? Hsting company say the problem is not on their end???

How did you set the quotas for users? If you don’t use them, Nextcloud is using global quotas to manage automatically versions and trash bin (keeping always 50% available). It is possible that on hosted environments, the space available on the system is different from what they give you. And Nextcloud probably shows only the storage that you really use (and not what potentially can be deleted).

I’d try to set a user quota, and check on the admin-page if the cron-job was run recently (it runs a lot of clean up routines, if they aren’t executed, this might also explain your problem).