Data Transfer Project adapter

Hello all,

Just heard about the Data Transfer Project - an initiative to make it easy to transfer cloud data out of and between different cloud service providers. It’s being headed by Google, but with support from Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook.

Basically, different types of data in cloud services are separated into ‘verticals.’ Every vertical has an agreed upon common data format, and services write ‘adapters’ that convert from that common format to their own internal data format (and vice versa) for all the verticals that they support.

This seems right up nextcloud’s alley! We could write adapters for all of the apps that mirror Google services, and as google brings their adapters online, it would become ridiculously easy for users and organizations to switch to (or just try out) nextcloud.

Ditto of course for all the verticals that mirror Facebook or Twitter’s social features, but I think getting adapters out for the core Google verticals would be the biggest win for us up front, as our core verticals really are similar to Google’s.

I haven’t looked at the developer documentation in depth yet, so I don’t know the particulars of how it would work, but it feels like google is handing us a huge opportunity here.