Data transfer on update

Hey y’all,

my NC is still running on 14.0.14 , due to lazyness mixed with the auto-updater not functioning properly.

I now want to upgrade to the latest version and transfer all existing data with it. Can I simply copy and paste the old data folder into my new install? How would you handle that?


You must differ between Nextcloud installation including Nextcloud configuration, all data and MariaDB information.

With the installation of a new Nextcloud 23 you will lost all your public/private shares and other information stored in your e.g. MariaDB database like calendar, …

If you do not need them you can:

a.) Install Nextcloud 23 and configure it
b.) create your user in your new Nextcloud 23
c.) now there is a mostly empty data folder
d.) copy files from (old) and to (new) e.g. data/username/files (do not copy all data-structure)
e.) rescan it with
sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all