Data Tables that saves user details

I’m working on my university project and I’m using Nextcloud as a part of the development process. I was wondering what are the data tables that store the user data(e.g. Username, Password) when a new user is created in the system.
Currently, I was able to find some data tables inside the database that store data like oc_accounts,oc_accounts_data, and oc_users. If someone knows any other additional data tables I would be very happy to know what are they.


You have already found the tables, here is a small overview

Table Fields
oc_accounts uid, data
oc_accounts_data id, uid, name, value
oc_users uid, uid_lower, displayname, password
oc_guests_users uid, uid_lower, displayname, password
oc_user_status id, user_id, status, status_timestamp, is_user_defined, message_id, custom_icon, custom_message, clear_at, is_backup

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Thank you, appreciate that!