Data storage help

I am looking for advice. I installed NC20 on a Linux 20.04 instance in virtualbox on a mac with limited storage to test out the software.
Turns out that I love nextcloud and want to keep using it but I need a lot more storage. I have tons of space available on my NAS inside my home LAN.
Is it possible to somehow create a volume on my NAS that I can mount to the NC server and then configure NC to use that volume to store the data?
Is there any other way to make NC store the data on my NAS?

@DonDowner maybe creating a network storage like samba or other things but I haven’t try this.

What NAS? Perhaps you can install Nextcloud on your NAS. Nobody needs Nextcloud in virtualbox on a mac. For performance test of nextcloud create a 60-minutes nextcloud account at . Password is “demo”.