Data safety, and privacy for home user

Based on a good Youtube video, I found out about Nextcloud. I decided to use it, trying to get free from Google apps. like Calendar, Contacts, Notes (Keep). When navigating through the Web site of Nexcloud, and opting to try it, I was directed to one of its Providers: Hostiso. So far I have been replacing each app and having it sync on my Cel phone, and so far, very good. I’m happy to start getting free from Google.
Yet, I have not found a place, link that specifies how secure is my data. Sorry if I don’t have enough information, yet Nextcloud is a large company, that sells its services and products through different channels/providers? When willing to test Nextcloud for personal use, I automatically was directed to Hostiso (I did not select it myself). What are the security means or functions to keep the data I’m uploading, safe? Are the security measures (like GDPR compliance) are ensured by Nextcloud? Hostiiso? Where is this info published? I assume my information will be more protected with Nextcloud/Hostiso, than Google, that scans all my data for commersial (or other) purposes?

Information about Hostiso, please contact Hostiso.

You have selected a free plan. You are free to search a Hosting Provider that offer Nextcloud.

I can understand that the whole setup of Nextcloud can be a bit confusing when coming from a service like Google. I’ll try to explain a bit more about it which should hopefully answer your questions

As you have noticed, you don’t use Nextcloud directly as a service like you use a Google or Dropbox service. Nextcloud is software that needs to run somewhere before you can use it. You can run it yourself, which is referred to as self-hosting, or you can use Nextcloud from someone that already has it running for you as a service. These are the providers that you were directed to. So you chose to use Nextcloud from the Hostiso provider. I hope this clears up the difference between Nextcloud and Hostiso.

Now when it comes to security in the Nextcloud software, a lot of information is provided here:
However, since you’re using Hostiso as your provider, your data will be stored on the machines controlled by Hostiso. You can read their terms of service and policies to give you an idea of what they do with your data.

Nextcloud also provides the option of end-to-end encryption of your data (see This means that the data stored at Hostiso would be encrypted so even they can’t look at your data. There are some things you need to consider before you enable it so read the documentation beforehand.

As for GDPR, this is not really a security measure but legally required privacy protection. It is something that organizations need to comply with in their handling of data. So it is not something that you just “enable” in your service. Nextcloud does provide the tools needed to make it as easy as possible for an organization to comply with GDPR, which is described here:

If you’re looking for more information on Nextcloud, the website provides a lot of information and interesting articles are posted on the Nextcloud blog (at regularly.


Thank you!