Data Protection Window


at the Moment, if i have a look in my “Data Protection” Window in Settings on the Webgui, i can see all Administrators, they have access to my Data under the Question: Who has access to your data?


How i can remove Admins in this Case?

Users are unsure. They looked this and ask me, why admins can access the data.

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You can deaktivate the privacy app…

Is this the only one solution?
I think, if i deactivate this, it shows untrustworthy.

You can change the privacy app…
You can use userside encryption…

Or you create a featurerequest here:

But if your users don’t trust the admins…
…it’s not trustworthy.

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Userside encryption is a good idea.
its my intention to prevent all doubt thinks. Now i have 2 Users, they are want to know, why the Admins are in this Window.

No Admin shows in any data, but only this to tell the user, sometimes is not enough.

i will test userside encryption on my testlab.

Thank you for your assistance.