"DATA on invalid stream"... Huh?

Hi there,

Please can someone help with this?

Nextcloud version 2.5.2git
Operating system and version Win10 Pro 10.0.17763

The issue you are facing: Messages for some files saying “DATA is on invalid stream”. What does this mean?

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? No.

Steps to replicate it:

Simply synching between different devices (Android & Win)

Thank you!


I´ve exactly the same problem. Upload / sync from my desktop pc is no problem, but when I try to sync on my windows 10 laptop (download) I get “DATA is on invalid stream” for some files, but not for all. Size seems not to be a problem, as bigger files then the erroneous files were synchronized successfully.
Both machines run nextcloud client 2.5.2., server is on 16.0.3. Server-side encryption is enabled.


The same problem / error message here.

Running Nextcloud 2.5.1 on Opensuse Leap 15.1

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bei mir die selbe Meldung. Was ist das?

I’m experiencing the same issue on 16.04. Any ideas?

Same on NC16

Have the same issue on Windows 10, but it disappeared on the second try! It was specific files only (some PDFs and some eBooks). I’m using server version and client v2.6 stable.

I did not encounter the issue yet on another OS.