"DATA on invalid stream"... Huh?

Hi there,

Please can someone help with this?

Nextcloud version 2.5.2git
Operating system and version Win10 Pro 10.0.17763

The issue you are facing: Messages for some files saying “DATA is on invalid stream”. What does this mean?

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? No.

Steps to replicate it:

Simply synching between different devices (Android & Win)

Thank you!


I´ve exactly the same problem. Upload / sync from my desktop pc is no problem, but when I try to sync on my windows 10 laptop (download) I get “DATA is on invalid stream” for some files, but not for all. Size seems not to be a problem, as bigger files then the erroneous files were synchronized successfully.
Both machines run nextcloud client 2.5.2., server is on 16.0.3. Server-side encryption is enabled.


The same problem / error message here.

Running Nextcloud 2.5.1 on Opensuse Leap 15.1