Data migration ZFS

I currently use the old Nextcloud 17 and now I have installed the new Nextcloud Hub 21.
Nextcloud 17 → LXC 101 Debian 9 - IP
Nextcloud 21 → LXC 108 Debian 10 - IP
LXC runs on proxmox 6.4.
There is one user (admin) on each nextcloud. Username is nextcloud.
For the old Nextcloud 17 I use a data directory, which is mounted in the LXC 101 within the ZFS pool.
Now I need to move (only) the data from the old nextcloud 17 to the new nextcloud hub 21.
I made an umount from the old nextcloud 17 and then bind mount to the new nextcloud hub 21.
Is it necessary to transfer all content from the old nextcloud17?
Should I only transfer directories where the real data files are?


Snímka obrazovky_2021-07-01_06-37-54

Snímka obrazovky_2021-07-01_06-41-33

Snímka obrazovky_2021-07-01_07-00-19

I accidentally deleted all data from the pool. So the thread is pointless.