Data Loss Protection integration

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I know this feature is to soon for the first release, but maybe it’s an idea to implement a data loss protection program into nextcloud like . With this program you can have total control over your data, for example: it’s prohibited to sent your passport via e-mail, or: block certain files when you are out of the office.

Right now we’re looking into this, but in my opinion it would be really nice if nextcloud will support this out-of-the-box. I also think nextcloud would be the first Cloud solution supporting this feature (correct me if i’m wrong).

mh something that could avoid ransomware attacks on nextcloud server could be really cool. The server should recognize when many files are changed on the client side and it should stop syncing automatically. But it is hard to decide whether it is a trojan or normal file changes.

Imho there is no ransomware protection in dropbox or google/apple/MS cloud solutions.

That was an enterprise feature and hopefully the firewall will be open sourced now.

Yes indeed, another example: you can’t copy sensitive data to removable storage devices. There are many cool policies you could configure.

In the commercial version, there was a file firewall available ( Question would be if such a feature will be available to the community in the future.

A protection against ransomware would be great. How would you detect them because there might be legitimate reasons to change a large number of files (git-repo in your sync-folder, mass search&replace, …).

in my mind there is also the feature, to mark files on the server which should not be synced to e.g. mobile devices.

Okay, will this feature stay for enterprise users only (a)?

Exactly! And maybe a option to delete files when your device is stolen?

That’s a really good question. And yes also writing in latex using nextcloud to keep files in sync, is a good example where many files are synced at once. But maybe you can mark directories as “massive sync directories” so if the content of many files inside these directories is changed, it is ok. But as soon as another directory is affected, we should stop syncing automatically and show warnings on all clients. Certainly we should make this feature configurable because not every user wants this as default behavior.

Another idea is, creating a function that reverts all changes on every file in history one step back. If an user recognizes that all files are encrypted, he could push that button and all files are recovered in that state they had before they were encrypted. Certainly the user should disconnect the infected device from it’s owncloud installation before he uses this feature.

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mhhh but just all files in your cloud directories! All other directories should be covered by google or cyanogen imho

Interestingly, this could work hand in hand with another feature I remember reading about that’s in the works where each user could have a separate login for each device. Thus Nextcloud could be told what kind of device each login is, and provide different functionality accordingly.