Data is stored on server and also on device


i don’t know if this is the way Nextcloud works and have a doubt. Currently I configure NC on Storage VPS and I’m using it to store my information, I also installed the Android app on my cell phone to carry my information. I found out that when i add something on my NC it create the file in my local storage, either Android phone and laptop.

I was wondering if there is a way that I can just keep my information on my VPS and not on my devices. I think that the intention is to have everything on the cloud and have my devices free of information.

Hope you can provide me some information related to this topic.

Thanks in advance…

Are you sure?

It is not the default behavior. You have to specifically “sync” any folders or specify a file
for it to sync to the android client.

If you go to android client, setting, click on “On Device” does it actually show all your
folders on file on the device?

On Android under each folder settings is “Sync” to sync to device under every file
is “Set as available offline”

If you didn’t click on those, then I have no idea.

HI, did you find a solution for this? My phone has been doing this for months but haven’t found a way to prevent it.

If I delete the folder from my phone, it re-adds it at some later date, which I haven’t tracked, perhaps when the app updates.