Data files on SMB

I changed the default Data location to a SMB share. mounted by fstab. I can upload files from nextcloud my personal space (SMB share) without any problems. But when i upload a file to the SMB share by windows, it doesn’t show in Nextcloud.
When using external storage to a SMB share it works great. Is there a solution to this issue?

All my data is centralized on 1 files server and would like to keep it that way for backup purposes and easy access by windows.

SMB update detection is not yet implemented IIRC,
maybe @icewind knows more

unrelated here since files_external isn’t used here.

The problem is that nextcloud can’t know when files in it’s data directory are changed from outside nc without doing a full recursive scan on the filesystem (something we don’t do automatically due to it being to expensive)

The easiest workaround is a cron job to do this recursive scan (occ files:scan --all)

Thanks for the quick response.
I’ll try the cronjob, but if it takes to long or to much resources to scan the files i’ll have to think of another way of doing this. Maybe leaving the data folder in the default loctation and adding personal external storage to SMB.


I also have my Data directory on a mounted SMB share folder. I can upload files and view files in nextcloud without a problem.
The only thing is: the files:scan command does not scan the files on my mounted smb folder. The command cant find the files. Is there a solution for this Problem ?