Data Directory moving on it's own

So I have a case where I’m unsure whats happening… Every so often nextcloud seems to just stop working, after investigating the user data folder has changed locations, but the config.php file still reflects the old location… Meaning if my data directory is \media\nextcloud\data at some point the system creates a directory name \media\nextcloud\data1 copies the contents of the original data directory to the newly created directory, and doesn’t update the config file. I’m not sur ewhats happening here, I’ve removed all add-ons that make backup or versioning, but it continues to happen. Anyone else seen this and able to stop it from happening?

Providing some information on your setup, hardware & installation method, will make it easier for others to assist.
There are dozens of guides, methods and tools, out there, so sharing the link, of the one you used, helps.
What do your logs say?