Data corruption and Datasets/Mountpoints

Hey Everyone,

Brand new to NextCloud! Looks really interesting, but have a few questions about getting up and running properly on TrueNAS Core 12…

My first question is: Is it possible that NextCloud could (inadvertently, obviously) corrupt data on the TrueNAS? The NextCloud UI looks awesome, but it’s core feature is the ZFS stability. If putting NC increases the risk of data failure, it might not be worth it for me – especially since I’m pretty new at this… If this is a risk, are there any measures I can take to make sure I don’t lose data?

Also, I’ve just finished setting up my TrueNAS, and I’ve been playing around with NC. Thus far, however, I’ve been trying to install NC and point it to a dataset that already has my data in it. That way I wouldn’t have to move all my data from his current location into NextCloud via the web interface. I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this though.

Ideally, I would like to be able to create a brand new dataset, turn on data duplication at the dataset level (it’s not on in the current dataset), and use it as my main cloud storage. Conceptually, for me, it would just be easier to have an entire, separate dataset for my NC data.

Does this stuff make sense? Is it doable? Any suggestions if the stuff I’m talking about isn’t proper/recommended?

Thanks Everyone!

Well, i don’t see why, but shit happens…

NC has nothing to do with ZFS… or the system used… Really, dont see the point of your fears…

Well, this is the point to use dataset and replication …

Like in the sport, just do it !!! test it !!! like it or not !!!

Right. Basically trying to see if anyone else has had an issue along these lines before I point the program at all my data. Did test it for a bit, didn’t run into anything notable, but doesn’t hurt to check. Never said it had anything to do with ZFS, the point was that the whole point of ZFS is to ensure data integrity, and I want to make sure there aren’t any known issues that could affect data integrity, regardless of how/on what platform it’s installed.

Definitely looking forward to using it in production if I don’t hear of any notable issues. Still not sure how to point that NC intense at a different/custom dataset. I don’t see an option/prompt asking where I’d like to target when installing the plugin, and apparently changing after installation is not a supported action.