Data and calendar security copy


Goodmorning everyone,
forgive me if it is not the right section and if I do not use the correct terms! On an old pc, with an AMD Phenom 9600, 4gb ddr2 of ram, I installed, from version 13, on Ubuntu Server, Nextcloud with Apache, PHP 7.4, mariadb, all following more than anything else guides found on the net. For copying the data in real time, I solved it by installing the graphical version and starting Nextcloud Desktop u an external usb hdd. Is there the possibility of having a copy in real time for the calendar as well?
Thank you all for your patience!

Install e.g. Thunderbird with Lightning and connect your calendar to the server to get “live” access to the calendar data.

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Thank you very much for your reply, sorry but I didn’t understand: what does “live access” mean?

Sorry, I meant “real-time access” - a calendar which is being updated instantly if you refresh a calendar view.

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Don’t worry, no problem!
I think I understand what you mean, but I would like to know if it is possible to synchronize my server’s calendar with another server or with another service or software, so that if I have problems with my server, I don’t run out of calendar.

Afaik, it isn’t possible to synchronize calendars with another server, except you’re using an external tool like vdirsyncer. Nevertheless you should always think about setting-up a working backup mechanism to prevent any loss of data :wink: