Dashboard Widgets not available

Good morning everyone,
I finally updated my production environment to version 20.0.2. Everything seems to have gone well, only one thing doesn’t seem to work as it should, I can’t add the Widgets that would interest me because they are not in the customization form. At the moment the customization form display only the following ones: Status, Weather, upcoming events, Notes and Recent Statuses. I would like to be able to activate: Recommended files, something related to tasks, Upcoming events.
How can I do it?
Clicking on the “get more Widgets form app store” Nextcloud opens app store in the dashboard section, but I can’t find elements/apps that make me think I can be related to the Widgets that interest me.
Some one can please help me? :slight_smile:

maybe they aren’t yet made compatible for dashboard (and they might never be).

mmm… could be for some of the Widgets that I mentioned, but for sure not for Recommended files that is visible in many presentation of Dashboard functionality! :wink: