Dashboard - Widget where I can add the files I want people to see - similar to recommended files but I decide the files in the widget to display

Nextcloud 20.0.4

Hello Forum,

I’m really liking the new Dashboard App. I have an idea of how to use it for our office and I’m hoping someone here in the forums can help me figure out how to achieve what I need.

We have some documents I’d like to have hilted for our employees when they login to our Nextcloud. Documents like Health and Safety Procedures or our Standard Operating Procedures. We keep all these documents in our Nextcloud and they are available for all employees within their Files. But now that I have the Dashboard as our landing page when everyone logs in I thought it would be helpful to hilite these important documents in a widget on everyone’s dashboard. My idea is to have a link to either a document or even a folder from the widget on the Dashboard.

The recommended files widget shows only changed files. Does a widget exist yet to allow Administrators to put in the links they want everyone to see on the Dashboard?

I’ve tried the Announcements widget but it’s clunky. I could put the link in the announcement but the user needs to select the announcement from the announcement widget that then opens the announcement then the user to has to then click on the URL I put in the announcement.

I’d rather have the link to the file or folder open directly from the Dashboard widget. I think this would be cleaner.

Thank you.

I’ve been reading the following to find out how I can build my own widget. But I don’t know how to add to this widget the ability to allow an Admin to add links to any pages they want their users to see when the login to dashboard and see this widget (like health and safety documentation).


What would I have to do to create this kind of widget?

Thank you.

Im trying to do something similar which is display a specific default background image. Their is a corresponding DIV tag in the Dashboard html. That is my idea of where I am going to start.

This might be more helpful. JavaScript APIs — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation

Hi did you find the way to make this??

I would to make the same thing than you.