Dashboard widget doesn't show activities

only on one of my nextcloud instances, The dashboard widget does not show any activities, but the activity windows shows there are some. Also the group’s daily activity summary ist empty.
the other instances show a up to date activity widget and the email activity summary shows those activities.

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same for me

with ubuntu 20.04 apache2 php 8.0
NC 24.0.3 AND 24.0.4
manual install (latest.zip)
AND with a snap install too!

please, someone?
is this an issue? no log found about this …

Activity does function

but not the widget

hi, can you add #appActivity in the tags of your post next to #Support?

Hello, same problem here on Debian 11.6, MariaDB 10.6.12, NC 25.0.3
The activity dashboard widget doesn’t show any activity, although there are many of changes on files (the oc_activity table has over 500.000 records).