Dashboard Question / improvement ideas

Hello everyone,

I wonder if i can tweak the Dashboard app myself more and adding :

  • current data / time and the rest of the page filled with my agenda (week view)

Thx everyone!

Looking around the NC app store I don’t see a date/time widget, but since that’s available in the OS task bar/menu is that a high priority?

As for your agenda, there is a built-in “Upcoming events” widget. Would that suffice? And if not, what format would you need?


When it comes to the agenda i would like to see a week overview.

I’m actually thinking about hanging up a small screen here , and that’s why a nice current date/time widget would be a plus for me

Yes, I can see the utility in the time/date stamp like that. Would be kinda cool.

A week view would be nice too.

I wonder if there’s a bounty pool for things like this. As a one-off custom enhancement it may be cost prohibitive, but if others would like the same additions then perhaps together it becomes more feasible.

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Yes! i am fairly new to the whole Nextcloud project, but looking into how i could develop a small widget, i think the clock should use Javascript

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JS would make that simple indeed.

The Dev Program resources Daphne and the rest of the crew have been putting together are pretty great. In addition to the API documentation, they now have a wide range of example tutorials: