Damn my user don't know his credit card are also share to another user

Hi !

Today I have discover that I can’t show for who is shared a Folder when I’m not the owner.

For example: User A create a folder and share it to user B and C.
So User B can’t know that folder is also shared with user C.
And obviously, user C can’t know the folder is also shared to user B :slight_smile:

I don’t have find a setting to allow users to show shares appliances…

it is possible to allow my user B to know his credit card are also shared to my user C ? :stuck_out_tongue:

No. In most cases it would be a challenge that B knows of C and the other way around. Imagine you share with two customers or two suppliers, etc.

If things are secret, you should stay in control of sharing which you can only do with folders you own.

This make sense, but imagine I’m a project leader.

If I share documents to my team, I can restrict the re-shared option to control who have acces to my customers documents.

But in case of a team member share to me a new document from a customer, and the customer just allow this member and me to show the document.
I must be sure he doesn’t share the document to other team member.

Good point. Dropbox shows the names of other users the folder was shared with. I would like an option in the share dialog with ‘reveal list of users to all recipients’ or something like that.

For such basic question, we should probably involve the developers of this app as well:
@rullzer @bjoern @jospoortvliet