Cut&Paste vs Copy&Paste


I’m kinda new here so if I asked my question in the wrong forum then I apoligize and ask for the admin to redirect me to the right forum plz.

I came here because I ‘miss’ the feature of copy paste. Nextcloud creates the same map in My Documents on my pc as it does online. When I want to work at a file and bring that to my desktop, it actually moves the file (cut&paste) instead of copying it. The businesss where I work for, uses Microsoft Office 365 but MS doesn’t allow automaticly saving on anything else but that stupid Onedrive. Is there an App for to make the copy paste thing work? Or a workaround maybe?

Grtz Mr jaxxs

If you think you have everything under controle.You’re not going fast enough

Maybe providing more details would help to obtain an answer.

  • Are you using the desktop client?
  • What do you mean when you write Nextcloud creates the same map?
  • How do you bring that to your desktop ?

These maybe will seem stupid questions to you but will help the readers to understand your process