Customizing the theme (font style) of NC Mail App

Is there any option to customize the style of the NC Mail App? If yes how do I do it?

All I need is to customize the font weight, preferably via some custom CSS. The list of mails shows three lines for each mail: the sender/recipient in line 1, the subject in line 2, the first line of the text body in line 3. Line 2 toggles between normal and bold font weight depending on the read/unseen status of the mail. That is fine. However, line 1 with the sender/recipient is always printed in bold regardless whether the mail has been read or not. That really bothers me, because I accidentally belief that the mail is new even if it is not. Printing the sener/recipient in bold is ways too much, IMHO. I would like to use italic which still sets it apart from the actual mail text, but drawing as much attention as a bold font.

  1. Have you tried to include your changes upstream? It is always better to avoid customization and let all users benefit from improvements
  2. Custom CSS can be i jected via the Custom CSS app

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  1. I haven’t done anything yet. There are no changes yet. So nothing to include upstream.
  2. I will try that NC app.

I installed the Custom CSS app and added the following CSS rule:

.app-mail .envelope-list .envelope .line-one__title {
	font-weight: normal;
	font-style: italic;

I used this rather long selector to ensure

  1. that the customization is restricted to the list of envelopes inside the Mail app (in case the CSS class .line_one__title is used by other apps, too)
  2. that the rule takes precedence over the built-in style as the custom selector has a higher CSS specificity
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I find the mail list in vertical split view way to messy.
Would like only 2 lines:
From | date

What could be the css for that?