Customize links in NC mails

Hi, i was wondering if someone has achieved a setting / solution where it is possible to change the links or add additional links sent out in the file created / updated / deleted emails.

Our situation is maybe a bit different from others:
We are using a third party tool outside of nextcloud to encrypt files locally on the clients. Those files are then picked up and synched through nextcloud to all members of a group. They can then seamlessly decrypt the files again on their own client. So far pretty cool and straightforward for the users.
However, the email sent out by NC always links to the browser version of the file. Would it be possible to define an additional link in these emails that e.g. points to a local folder like โ€œfile:///D:\Nextcloud\xxxโ€ ?

Interested if anyone else has needed something like this and maybe already created a solution.
Would love to hear it!

Is this specifically about Nextcloud Mail or just emails sent by your Nextcloud?