Customize firstrunwizard

I’m running the Snap version of Nextcloud and would like to customize the first run wizard. What’s the best way to do this?
I tried copying out the app from snap’s non-writable directories to the /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/extra-apps/ directory and editing it. However, I can’t find the modified app in the Apps list in the admin interface.


Does anyone have any idea?

I’m not familiar with snap installations.

And i don´t know what you want to modify. In the past I just use the theming app for changing Colors and Logo, and changed the linked urls in config.php Hints about the parameters are in config.sample.php if you can edit it at all since snap, i really dont know.

As for copying around apps and expect them to show up in the gui,… i´m the wrong person to ask, but maybe thats overkill anyway.

I want to modify the First Run Wizard, you can’t do that through the settings.

What do you want to modify? I already explained to you, that i in fact DID modify some aspects of the FRW through the config.php

I´m not an app builder/coder. So cant help you there, just checking if there is a more simple solution for you.

I need to edit the text in the slides and possibly remove some.

You can edit the text in the slides editing the .php files in the directory apps/firstrunwizard/templates :wink: