Customize emails

Hello everyone,
I dont know where i can customize the email template, for sharing a file with someone.
I already edit in core/templates/email.php but this doesn’t change anything.
In config/config.php is no template active.
Can anyone help me please?

solution: use search-option and look for “email template”

a personal plus-info for you: customization broke in nc 12 and if noone is willing to write an app for it it won’t come back

Hi :slight_smile:
you can find the EmailTemplate in the following directory : nextcloud/lib/private/Mail/
Make a copy of the template and rename it. (Ex: NewEmailTemplate)
Make all the change you need in your new email template
then in the config.php (nextcloud/config/) add the following line
’mail_template_class’ => ’ \OC\Mail\NameOfYourEmailTemplate’,

That worked for me !


make a note that you need to do this everytime you’re gonna update your NC-instance…
plus: afaik it won’t be part of nc13 anymore, officially

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afaik ?
Correct me if i’m wrong, but the new emailtemplate will stay and only the config.php will be rewritten ?
As for me I have a backup of my config.php and emailTemplate. I have also documented everything I’ve done so i won’t be lost after an update !

afaik = as far as i know :wink:

i’ve read a comment by some of the devs that they are about to skip email-template editing completely from sourcecode of nc-server from nc 13 on. dunno if that is true or what that would mean in full detail.

sure enough the update-process will rewrite every single file in your nc-directory (not nc-data nor nc-database)… so if someone’s editing config.php (without any backup of it) or other files there they will be overwritten as well and need to be manually adjusted afterwards again.

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Hi Folks,
is there any update on the ‘customize email’ front?
I really need that feature back since i don’t want to rewrite the code after every update.
I need a much more stable solution.
Is there any solution for that matter in NC19?
For example: i want to edit the textfile for the welcome mail because it always puts out the local ip in the welcome mails for new users. When thy try to access the NC from home, they can’t connect…
(and yes, i RTFM… and every other source i could possibly access)
Thank you for your advise in advance…