Customize Email Template Registration

Hi, I installed nexcloud on ucs, I would like to know if it is possible to personalize the email that is sent when a user is invited.
Thank you.

it IS possible… but i’m afraid it’s not easy so that this seems to be something for paid service.

Hi jimmy,
I believe that it would be enough to know the path where ucs has the template that generates the email and to modify it.
I tried to search in \var\lib\univention-appcenter\apps\nextcloud but I didn’t find anything.

afaik ucs is adding nc as a docker. so as i’m not into docker i dunno how and where you can access it. but of course you can. somehow.

but please take into consideration that every change you’d apply to the sourcecode might get overwritten by the next update.

I understand, you’re right jimmy.
In fact, my problem is that when I add a new user, the email that is sent, does not have the logo, or precisely does not find it.
the body of the mail is fine, but at least I would like to insert the logo.
Enclosed I send the photo of what arrives.logo

did you upload your own logo? or ist it the nextcloud-standard logo that is featured on your instance?
did you make changes to the css?

yes I have uploaded my logo, in fact when I log in from the browser there is ours.
I did not make any changes to the .css, I made the customization from the administrator panel, on settings and theme.

so maybe it’s a bug…? i dunno. the lil red cross indicates that the pic wasn’t find.
or is it just not loaded at the recipients side? have you checked on that?

if you’d go back to the common nc-logo… would it show up in such an email?

I have to try to put the default logo back and see if anything changes.
Thanks, see you soon.

Does anyone know where in the Nextcloud codebase can I remove whats in the photo of what d.cepparulo attached?

I want to have it so that the that small box with the red x in it does not appear.