Custom theme how to set the footer text color

Hi there

i use a custom theme with white background,
work well so far, but the footer text and the user menu top right text needs to be black
How can i set this in the theme css ?

I’m not a web programming pro :wink:

any help woul dbe greatly appriciated


Hi there,

have a look at the following files:

  1. core/templates/layout.user.php
  2. core/css/styles.php
  3. core/css/header.php

Find the div or paragraph you want to change by looking in file 1. and then go to files 2 and 3 and edit the background-color attribute.

Hope this helps,

thanks for your quick reply

but i’m affraid, this did not help

in the defaults.php of my theme i have this

* Returns entity (e.g. company name) - used for footer, copyright
* @return string entity name
public function getEntity() {
return ‘what ever text.’;

     * Returns slogan
     * @return string slogan
    public function getSlogan() {
            return 'what ever text';

could not find the color settings for the two ‘what ever text’ parts for the Slogan and the entity

got it changed

in /core/css/styles.css

#body-login, #body-login #showaAdvanced
color: #fff;

    remove the '#' before the first body-login
    change the color from #fff; to #000000;

find the section
/* Dark subtle label text */

    remove all trailing '#'
    change the color from #fff; to #000000;

Change color in Nextcloud 12

Just for next soul searching for an answer with Nextcloud 12
The Option to change the font colors on the login screen has been moved to the guests.css in the same directory.

Look in the guests.css file for /* Dark subtle label text */ and change the color to your liking.

Hey! You can just install the App “Custom CSS” and paste the following code at “Theming / Custom CSS” in your Admin Settings:

#body-login footer a {
    color: #ffffff;