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I just installed the ShareRenamer from the app store. Installation went perfect and easy. Unfortunately the menu which allows renaming does not appear when I click on the ā€¦ in the share section. I have rebooted the server just to be sure everything loads ok. (See attached screenshot)

thanks for any assistance you can provide to get this operational. I appreciate your efforts to code this!


ShareRenamer is only supported till Nextcloud 17. Perhaps you better not use it. I use a script outsite nextcloud (domain.tld/s/xyz instead of cloud.domain.tld/s/xyz) with an php-redirect to the nextcloud sharing url. Not fine but works also with all bookmarks :wink: if you are interested send me a PM.
ShareRenamer till Nextcloud 17:

Another possiblilty is perhaps Sharing Path

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iā€™m interessted in your solution. Could you send it to me?

I have sent you a PM with the software.

I would like your solution as well, can you send it to me too?

I have sent you a PM.