Custom share for Limited User Access

Can you tell me how can i set up the Nextcloud so that you can forbid access to the some folders of one particular directory (lower level) to some users, and that others will keep their access to the parent directory (upper level)?

Let’s say there are users 1 & 2 & 3 –
• there is a parent directory “A”, which consists of sublevel folders “B” and “C”, each of which consists its subfolders “1/2/3” (B1-B2-B3 & C1-C2-C3)
• user 1 is the admin for “A”
• users 2 & 3 are the members of “Limited Access” group

with custom share of the folder “A” (read/share/edit/delete) – all 3 users got access to all (6 total) subfolders B&C
BUT if I limit the access (so it can’t be downloaded = unshare?) to the folder B with its subdirectory B1-B2-B3 for a group “LA” – the users 2&3 will not lose access to the entire folder “A” – i do not need that though
i need somehow to group “LA” keep the access to the folder “A” WITH a limited access to the entire folder “B” – so that files in subdirectory “B” could not be opened by the users 2&3

prob i could somehow enable the plugin shown at