Custom Menu is ready for Nextcloud 25

Hi Nextclouders!

A new major version of Custom Menu is now available! :partying_face:

This version breaks the compatibility with Nextcloud <= 24 and AppOrder versions. But, the top menu is faster than ever and some glitches should disappear!

Custom menu 3.0.0 is no fully stable and you can report bugs from Issues - side_menu - Gitnet



Will test it out. It is still not showing up as an update available on console, but I just it downloaded and I am checking it now.


super ! like that really much!

The installation was flawless. In the Overview page, the message is displayed:

Some files have not passed the integrity check. Further information on how to resolve this issue can be found in the documentation :arrow_upper_right:. (List of invalid files… / Rescan…)

The link to the documentation does not work

The list of invalid files looks like:

Technical information

The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix


  • related_resources
      • OC\IntegrityCheck\Exceptions\InvalidSignatureException
      • Signature data not found.

Raw output

[related_resources] => Array
[EXCEPTION] => Array
[class] => OC\IntegrityCheck\Exceptions\InvalidSignatureException
[message] => Signature data not found.



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Duplicated: Event
Waiting for Resolve
Thanks for the Note


Danke!! very cool will update soon as NC25 Stable is Stable…

It is at least in the stable branch as of today…

Just in case anyone stumbles upon and does not see it right away: The integrity check failure you posted has nothing to do with custom menu (and has been fixed meanwhile).

Open apps in new tab does not work after update

NC 25.0.1
Custom Menu 3.2.1

Please, open an issue on gitnet :wink:

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