Custom logo doesn't appear on iOS client

For the past few months, the iOS Nextcloud app has not been able to show the custom logo I’ve set on the server. Where the logo should appear, there is a white rounded square. This happens on other iOS devices logged onto the same server. I’ve tried clearing cache on mobile, re-logging in, as well as re-uploading the logo images onto the server. The logo image is PNG with transparency.

Nextcloud server: 15.0.2
iOS client:
iOS: 12.1.2

This feature has been removed from App during development.
Too many trouble with SVG files.

Next version will show Nextcloud logo all the time.

Understood. Perhaps I missed a changelog somewhere. Thanks.

Do you think custom logo could come back ??
Thanks for the answer

I am not the developer, sorry

HI, I put my answer on github to Marino :wink:

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Just to clarify, is a custom logo for iOS clients supported? If so, how do we do it?

This feature has been removed. See

yes, I saw … but hope it wil turn again . I do not know what’s the probelm with the png , I’m gonna ask Marino …