Custom DDNS in NextCloudPi

Is it possible to use a custom DDNS in NextCloudPi? My webhoster allows me to update my DDNS with my own TLD via an adress like[IP] .

I use my Dynamic DNS from my domain registrar with my NCP instance and it works fine. I do not configure any DDNS info on NextcloudPi. My router supports my DDNS provides so it updates my DDNS info as needed. I then configure my router to forward ports to mysteriously NCP instance.

Not that bad an idea, but sadly not working for me: I have indeed set my provider’s DDNS into my router and that works well. My problem is, that my router only can configure one DDNS name and for my NextCloudPi I’d like to use a seperate DDNS name.

For now I helped myself by creating a CNAME record for my NCP-DDNS name: IN CNAME