Custom datadirectory and multi-users


I just installed NC on my Proxmox system, using a LXC from Turnkey.

  • I created a bind mount from my storage volume, by using this command:
    pct set 104 mp0 /Stockage/NextCloud,mp=/ncdata

  • I copied the content from nextcloud-data to /ncdata

  • I gave the permissions (recursive) to www-data on that folder, on the LXC

  • Then I edited config/config.php file so that datadirectory points to /ncdata

  • Finally restarted apache2 service

Up to that point, everything seems to be working as expected.

BUT… after that, in NC I created another user, disconnected and reconnected with that user, and now the default files are not showing anymore (even the user icon shows a cross); the names of the files are listed, but they are “empty”.
If I switch back to the admin user, all the files are visible.

So… when I create a new user, where are his files stored ? (I’d like to add their photo galleries under their own user data folders).