Custom CSS app, which element names to use?

I’d like to try and visually customize my Nextcloud with more advanced methods. But I’m using Nextcloud on a online provider, so I won’t have direct access to the central underlying settings and filestructure. I guess this is what one may need to do some serious adaptations.

But I did find an app called “Custom CSS”, and I know CSS fairly well.

Problem is, I don’t know what element names that my Nextcloud installation responds to (and doesn’t respond to). And there appears to be no list of such elements and names provided by the maker of the Custom CSS app (?, unless I’m really mistaken).

Without sailing out on a blind trial and error journey, is there perhaps some kind of reference list, or internal logic, available for customizing Nextcloud with CSS? For example, if I wish to change the image file for folders to a different image, then what image name do I address the change to?

Thanks for any tips and suggestions

I know, this posting has his time, but for me I have now the same problem. Does someone know the name of the elements?
In my case as example i would like to change the color of buttons on popup windows in dark theme.
I searched the nextcloud document root and found “themes/example/core/css/server.css”, but this is’t realy helpfull nor completely.

I think also, it would be helpfully if the “Custon CSS”-App load the css-file and print this in the editor box… but this was an other story.

Can someone help?
Thank you!