Current issue with installing new snaps on the Nextcloud Box

Update 2

Unfortunately, one of the packages won’t automatically update and ALL users are required to use a terminal app to fix the problem :frowning: This will be fixed in the next image which is going to be released to the manufacturer soon.


  1. Connect to the Box
  2. Type sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade and press “Enter”
  3. Press the “y” key to accept the proposed changes
  4. Type sudo snap refresh ubuntu-core and press “Enter”

Note: You will be asked for a password. Type in the password you used for step 1

Update 1

A fix is now in the beta channel and Canonical is working to speed up its delivery so that all Box users can get the fix tomorrow, 10th of October.


We are aware of an issue due to a defective component of the snap manager which was pushed to the Ubuntu repositories recently and which affects the Nextcloud Box.

That component prevents the installation of new snaps, but it does not affect the current installation of Nextcloud.

Do not update the Nextcloud snap

We thank you for your patience while we’re looking for a workaround until the permanent fix is pushed to your Nextcloud Box.