Current desktop linux client does not login properly

New user here, less than 2 months of tinkering with this.
I installed on a cPanel server using Softaculous.
Locally I first install an older desktop client from Kubuntu 20.04 LTS repos–which seemed to work & sync fine.
I upgraded to Kubuntu 20.10 and despite jumping through the login hoops, the new Desktop client always says I’m disconnected, and never syncs.
Switched to a Manjaro (Arch) Linux computer, installed the new client (Version 3.1.1) from the repos. It fails to properly log me in–just like the current Kubuntu is failing to properly log me in.

I always get the ‘successfully logged in, you can close this window’ message from the server website; but the desktop client constantly says I’m disconnected.

Does anyone else have the desktop client working in KDE? I’m fairly certain the server is fine, because it works & syncs with my Android phone.


I’ve now tried to get the desktop app working on Kubuntu, OpenSuse, and Arch (Manjaro). Does anyone have this desktop login working on KDE?

Turns-out the problem was with the Softaculous for CPanel installation on the server–not the desktop client at all. The new version (March 2021) correctly asks for the needed PHP extensions to be installed, it still does not handle that itself in CPanel (which may be the fault of CPanel or of Softaculous–I’m not sure which).