cURL error 51 with some apps


After upgrading from NexCloud to version 14.0.3 (which was done with great difficulty due to a stalled cron), several apps now refuse to install due to a cURL error 51 (cURL error 51: SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target name 'github-production-release-asset-2e65be.s3. ')

Among these apps, yesterday Calendar and Notes sent me this error, while this morning they agreed to install. But other applications continue to display this message (among others, Tasks, Rainloop, QOwnNotesAPI, etc ā€¦)

Who is involved? Nextcloud, applications, server?

Thanks for your time,

Finally, by multiplying the attempts randomly, all the apps finally agreed to be installedā€¦ only Bookmarks are missingā€¦
It is impossible for me to explain this situationā€¦