Csync failed to access?

I’m not sure what to tell ya’ll but for some reason one of my nextcloud 13 folders has basically just stopped syncing out of nowhere and I can’t find any nextcloud information about it. Everything I find has to do with OwnCloud stuff. Any thoughts on how I can fix this? From what I read it sounds like a server issue of some kind but I don’t know enough backend to really parse what is useful and what isn’t:

And some possible related issues:


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It looks like they were never able to identify the real issue.

Ideally, we would have a description how to reproduce this error, but in that case this is very unlikely. In this case, I’d open a bug report on github.com/nextcloud/server/issues and provide all required information (just follow the template).

As additional information from the existing reports at owncloud, do you sync only one client to this work folder (if not, please mention which client version and if the problem exists as well), is this work folder shared or on external storage?

@Pascal_d_Hermilly can perhaps join the information of his setup, perhaps this helps the developers. It very likely that they will ask for more information.

There is perhaps one related issue on the desktop bug tracker:

oof, so this problem fixed itself, but then tonight I ran into the same problem again.

I’ll try running the occ scan all command on this weekend.