CSS is not correct generated

I currently facing the issue that in the settings app/users the css is not correct.
I have this since many versions (maybe since v16) , in the last days I setup a new nextcloud instance to test some stuff an there I saw that this is not a general issue.
My users list looks like

I currently use version 19.0.1
Running on linux (Gentoo) an Apache 2.4 and php 7.3

In there a no missing css files from browser perspective (no 404s)

Also I did occ maintenance:repair

Any suggestions what I can do?

Do you use your own themes? Any add blocker, virus check browser extensions.

You can also connect to a trial session if you see the same effect: https://try.nextcloud.com/

no, I have no theme or something like this included (I even didn’t know that this is possible :smiley: ) also I don’t have HTML/JS changing stuff in the browser.
As I wrote, ich setup a second nextcloud instance to tryout some stuff, so I saw that the issue is installation related. I compared the SCSS (apps/settings/css/settings.scss) and saw no differents

Did you solved this? Same problem in our company.