Cross link to Joomla3

Hey love the app… I installed on NC12.0.5. It worked without effort and I linked correctly to MySQL database the the correct table. That’s as far as I experimented.

Forgive me, as I’m new to linux and MySQL… I want to link to my Joomla 3 website and have the user credentials be the same. How do I place the joomla in the NextCloud and have your SQL Backend log the user in automatically when they log in initially from the NextCloud login?

In another words, I present the user with the NextCloud login page… they log in. Within Nextcloud I have an external site (Joomla3) and want that login filled.

Also, does this override the user table within the NextCloud or does it compare both?

Hi @donshepard!

What you’re asking is not easily done manually as Nextcloud and Joomla have different systems for recording and protecting user credentials. That said it’s definitely possible. I use Yunohost , an all FOSS, Debian based hosting OS, to run and install apps on my home based server. Yunohost has one click install options for both Nextcloud and Joomla, and as an added bonus, it also has a separate user management system that lets you create / remove / modify users that can log in to all the installed webapps (such as Nextcloud and Joomla).

The main downside I can see in your case is that it is an entire operating system, not just an app you can install in Nextcloud or a Joomla extension.