Crontab Important!

im Running Nextcloud On Centos7
i Was Wondering Something About " Crontab "
Can i set crontab to run Lower then 0/5 ? Can i Or Not recommended !
Thanks :slight_smile:

I think the time belongs also to the Nextcloud itself. I think it is more useful for a lot of users than only one user. Also belongs it to the installed apps e.g. Transfer (only if you need the files directly). Test other times e.g. every hour.

I have got a test server (mostly poweroff). Nextcloud tells me I have not run Cron for a long time and should run it again. Then I start the cron script manually maybe every two weeks. :wink: Nextcloud is then happy.

Thanks For Your Replay ~
Can i Ask Something About Cron !
Cron responsible for refresh Pages And Also if there something waiting to send Mail its sending after Crontab run ?!

If you mean the Nextcloud notification emails then yes. If you are talking about the Mail app, then no. The Mail app should send emails immediately, regardless of the cron settings.

I would recommend to leave the cronjob at it’s default 5 minutes unless there are any problems. But even then it probably makes more sense to find the root cause of the problem instead of tweaking the settings. Btw. tweaking settings without exactley knowing what they are doing is often the root cause of many problems. As someone who has worked in support for a long time, I can say that a big part of our job was setting things back to default. :wink:

Anyways… if you want to happen things on your Nextcloud in a more real-timeish way, while still keeping the load on your server within reasonable limits, you might want to have a look at Notify_Push aka the Nextcloud High Performance Backend… GitHub - nextcloud/notify_push: Update notifications for nextcloud clients

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Thanks For Declarer All info that i wana Know :slight_smile:
So i will leave as 5Min :slight_smile:
Thanks Again :slight_smile:
bytheway im facing Problem in mobile app to connect to the server local ! by http://ip
after i press Grand Access its Stay on " login in " its normal cuz http?
if i Create ssl it will resolve the issue ?! thnx

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Could be, not a 100% sure.

But I would generally recommand using proper SSL cerificates whenever possible, even if you only use it locally. And in case you want to make it accessible over the Internet, HTTPS is an absolute must!

If you encounter any problems while configuring SSL or if it still doesn’t work after that, please open a new thread with details about your configuration, logs, error messages etc…

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Ok Thanks :slight_smile: Very Mush