Cronjob does not work any more since -updating to 11.0

Hey there,

I am running nextcloud on a webspace.

Since upgrading to 11 the system cronjobs are not working any more.

in the admin menu “system cron” was still enabled but with the error warning of telling me that it was a while since last execution.
So I switched to ajax
After doing so I was not able to select “system cron” any more, it is gray and no way to select the radio button.
It shows a warning like "To run this you need the PHP posix extension."
But I checked with my Support and got told that posix is installed!

Any ideas on how to solve that Problem?

Thanks a lot!

Are you using Nextant ?

No - unless it’s installed by default. But did not find it under my active apps

No, not enabled by default. Just that an old version of Nextant was making some problems with cronjob

I had similar problems with ownCloud 9.x; cronjob did not succeed at all unless I ran it manually. The instance I’m hosting has lots of files and shares.
In addition to this the email settings in ownCloud were not set properly. ownCloud’s internal mailer process that sends notifications to users failed because of that. It led to big list of unpublished notifications in the database for every user, and I think this added to the issue.
It may have lead to problem with cronjob that it took too long and got stuck or timed out. Not sure which actually; the error message I was able to log from the cron.php pointed to a file, line and function that was ok.

I got around cronjob problem just by increasing cronjob timing to 30 minutes.
(I haven’t tested after fixing email settings whether the main problem was caused by failing mailer code. I’m still using the same 30 min schedule with Nextcloud 11.)

Below examples are on CentOS (replace “apache” with “www-data” on Ubuntu).

You can run cronjob manually to see if it works at all:
sudo -u apache php /your/path/to/nextcloud/cron.php

Edit cronjob:
crontab -u apache -e
*/30 * * * * php -f /your/path/to/nextcloud/cron.php

Since I am running nextcloud on a webspace I can not perform commands manually

but switching to “webcron” and then calling the cron.php on a webbrowser succeeds in {“status”:“success”}

so the problem seems to be nextcloud not recognizing the installed posix.

One thought I had is manually changing the way cron gets executed in the database if somebody knows where to find that setting?
Even though since it was not running when still enabled in the beginning (after update) I actually don’t think it 'll work

If anyone is having problem with cron job settings, using webcron service (like is a good alternative.

Hey, thanks for that Info,

In the end I am using webcron since tree weeks now, but I still did not find out why I can not select cron on my admin page…