CRM with Email Import/Integration

Does anyone know if there is a CRM for NextCloud currently which supports importing emails?

We are a consultancy and want to be able to import emails from clients directly (to stop us using email as a filing system and increase accessibility across all consultants for continuity purposes).

I realise that we could just cut and paste the emails into a CRM as notes but this is cumbersome, it would be great if we could find a CRM which either automatically imports emails from specific domains (directly from the mail server) to their related CRM file or have an option within the CRM to import .msg files directly from Outlook.




No, I didn’t find a crm with works with Nextcloud. I use in a seperate crm and just integrate it with a link in the nextcloud menue with External Sites.

NextCloud is so feature rich and full of apps I’m a tad sad they don’t have a basic CRM app available, better than Contacts, and useful for tracking things like memberships etc.