Creepy background Issue in Passwords

Ok, pls dont laugh xD
The Password App decided to put a random image as the Background when starting the Passwords App. The Developer Options of the Browser show that the image should be located in
which firstly seems right cause if i enter this link, it downloads the image.

But when i look on my server in the nextcloud folder under apps/theming/,
the image folder doesnt even exist :open_mouth: (theres only ‘img’ and the image isnt located there)

I dont understand now at all where the Image comes From and how to get rid of it.

I tried deleting cache and all Website Data, Logged out and in, changed the Main Background in Nextcloud, restarted the server, tried different Browsers, but nothing helped :open_mouth:

The passwords app uses the image provided by Nextcloud trough OC_Defaults. Usually the theming app is the one that creates an url like the one you have.
Currently the theming app seems to behave in the way that when you delete the background in the settings of the app, it still gives the last saved background trough the OC_Defaults. Only if you reset the background, you get the default background of nextcloud.

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Hmm, yeah i already tried resetting the background in the theming app, and it works everywhere except in the passwords app…

Edit: but your comment brought me to the idea to disable my dark mode app and reset the background again, and it seems to work :slight_smile:
So maybe the dark mode somehow covered it.

How the image got there is still a riddle though, cause i never set it as a background…