Creation of users from a list with a script

Hi Nextclouders,

I am trying your beautiful software and I would like to create a list of users (more than 150) with a script.
Is a such tool exists ?
If not, is it possible to get the schema of the database to make it myself and give you the result after testing ? :wink:

Thank’s a lot !


Ciao Phef,
I think you can do it via command line, occ utility

# ./
sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/php /var/www/nextcloud/occ  $@

./ user:list
./ user:add 

 user:add [--password-from-env] [--display-name [DISPLAY-NAME]] [-g|--group [GROUP]] [--] <uid>

./ user:report

Mod edit: please indent code with 4 spaces

My dear Paolo,

Your recipe works very well !
Thank you very much :wink:
But it is not possible to fix the quota in the command ?

Best regards.


OK, I’ve found !
./ user:setting files quota "600MB"
for example :wink: