Creation and Joined timezone does not consider user timezone

Current implementation of circles uses database server timezone to datetime of circles creation and member joined. If user is not at same timezone of database he sees a “wrong” datetime for him. I sent a pull request for adjusting this behavior. I change persistence implementation for datetime saved to use always UTC and view implementation to convert datetime according timezone of user preferences.

Thanks for your contributions, I’ve seen that there are more open PR. There is not so much we can do here, I pinged a developers over github. If you don’t get any response within some days, try to get in touch with @jospoortvliet (over the forum, per mail, …), our community manager.

Thank you for guidelines, @tflidd!

Sorry, little over-helmed here.

I will release fulltextsearch as soon as possible and then go back to circles (and have a look to your work)