Creating WebDAV mounts on the Linux command line

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I am new to this forum and I am not sure whether this is the right category, so you might have to point me to the right one.

Until now I have used the Nextcloud client with Mate on Linux Mint, but now I have changed OS to antiX, and as I understand it, I now have to use webdav. I do not have any experience with that, so I did not succeed in my first attempt trying to follow the instructions Creating WebDAV mounts on the Linux command line. I had to reinstall antiX, it stopped launching during startup after I had entered my user credentials to my Nextcloud server.

So to be sure, I need to know exactly how to understand step 6: Add your Nextcloud login credentials to the end of the secrets file, using your Nextcloud server URL and your Nextcloud username and password: <username> <password>
for example
/home/user/nextcloud john 1234

I do not understand, why this β€œor”?
I guess though that I have to enter my Nextcloud URL and user credentials. However, my Nextcloud says I must use this URL:https://MYSERVER.TLD/remote.php/webdav/ and not https://MYSERVER.TLD/remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME. So which address should I use? And do I have to enter my username twice (USERNAME/ <username> )?

I think there are two different url to use, depending on how the client detects available shares and users.

What always worked for me is

You still need to use your username on authentication.

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Thank you for your answer.
I followed your example, but now another error occurred when running
mount ~/nextcloud

/sbin/mount.davfs: warning: the server does not support locks

It looks like I have to change something on the server, but what?

Yes in your davfs config to turn off locks. A very good guide here :

I had to have a look at something else, and have just discovered that my mount works, so the future will show which consequences the warning will bring.
Thanks for your help, I will probably need your link to the guide later.