Creating tables again for Passwords


in resetting the user password I deleted my mysql tables regarding the passwords app in strong believe it will be restored once I reinstall it.
This is not the case as errors ike “Table ‘nextcloud.oc_passwords_pw_tag_rel’ doesn’t exist” indicate.

My Idea was to create them manually again. For this I would need more info on how the tables need to be configured.

Do you have any ideas?

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Maybe you can look in your last backup.
Also you can perhaps install a new (test) Nextcloud instance with the function and then dump the database. Maybe you can re-insert the part of the database in your normal Nextcloud.

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Yeah, if there is no command to issue this seems to be my last resort.

Thanks devnull!

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Tables are created using migrations. Migrations are only executed once. If you have a recent version of the passwords app installed, you can use the following commands in the root directory of your Nextcloud installation to force the migrations to be executed again:

php ./occ config:system:set --type bool --value=true debug
php ./occ migrations:execute passwords 20220101
php ./occ migrations:execute passwords 20220102
php ./occ config:system:set --type bool --value=false debug

If you have no command line access to your server, you can try the app occweb and omit the php ./occ part.

Just executing the migrations might still not result in a working app as the passwords app also stores data elsewhere in the system. You can try php ./occ maintenance:repair to fix any other issues.
If the app still doesn’t work after that, run php ./occ passwords:backup:list to view previous backups and php ./occ passwords:backup:restore <backup name> to restore a working backup.

Then you can use php ./occ passwords:user:delete <internal user id> to delete the data of an user if that is what you wanted to archive originally