Creating new user fails due to active App Password policy

I’ve spend hours checking my permissions. It worked all well with my initial admin account.
But creating a new user failed.

I’ve set all folder permissions to 755 and all file permisions to 664 (it was 644).
This did not solve the problem.

But after I disabled the Password policy 1.0.0 add-in, it worked. I could crate a new user.

My Nextcloud is on a most recent Debian with php7 and nginx. There were no error messages in the admin screen. Even caching works. I use www-data as group and an other user (say x) for nginx. This works with all websites, including owncloud.

Please have a look at the cause of this problem and solve this in upcomming updates…

Any error logged in your nextcloud.log or nginx error log?

I’ve looked in all logs, starting nextcloud. There were no errors in Nginx, and no errors in the system log files that I could pair in time with pressing the ‘create user’ button.

So my conclusion was that something was blocking the script that should create the user after pressing the button. I loaded the chrome Ctrl-Shft-I window to see what happened. At the bottom there were multiple 403 forbidden messages in red.
Since all permissions are the same as with owncloud, I decided to compare the loaded apps. After disabling only the policy app the problem was solved.

I had set the password policies in various ways before. Lenght > 6, Caps, Numbers, symbols. This however made no difference.

I do not use LDAP. Nextcloud is configured with Redis like Owncloud that is still working next to Nextcloud. I use PHP7, MySQL, Nginx on Debian 8 (up-to-date). Data is on a seperate disk, outside the www folder. Both Owncloud and Nextcloud are configured as a subdomain that is routed with the A-record to my private IP. This works also perfect for other local testsites (wordpress, drupal, joomla…)

Exactly the same issue after fresh install of Nextcloud v11. Note that the workaround proposed by Hendrik works for me too.

Thanks to him !